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BDRE Drive SONY Optiarc BD-5750H, Internal Slim for laptops

585,00 MDL

BDRE Drive SONY Optiarc BD-5750H, Internal Slim for laptops, Tray type, BDR+6x/-6x, BDRE+2x/-2x, DVDR+16x/-16x, RW+8x/-6x, DL+8x, RAM12x, SATA, black, bulk

It's your choice: record on BDs, DVDs or CDs. The storage giant BD-5750H achieves 6x when writing to BD media. It also achieves 6x speed when reading 25 GB BD-R and BD-RE media as well as 50 GB dual-layer R and RE Blu-ray media. When storing data on DVD-Rs/DVD+Rs, it reaches 8x speed and handles DVD-RAMs (max. 5x DVD speed) and DVD-RWs/DVD+RWs (max. 6x/8x) dynamically.

The BD-5750H delivers Top-of-the Line media writing performance for BD, DVD and CD with leading technologies and expertise of Sony. Isn't it perfect to have all options?

Producator Sony
Garanţiе 12 luni
Interfata SATA
Dimensiuni 128 mm x 12.7 mm x 126.1 ±0.2 mm without bezel
Viteza de citire BD: 6x, BDXL: 4x, DVD: 8x, CD: 24x
Viteza de scriere

BD-R: 6x, BD-R(LTH): 6x, BDXL: 4x
BD-R DL: 6x
BD-RE: 2x
DVD-R: 8x, DVD+R: 8x
DVD-R DL: 6x, DVD+R9: 6x
DVD-RW: 6x, DVD+RW: 8x
CD-R: 24x, CD-RW: 16x

Formate CD Suportate
  • Media supported (Write) - BD-R, BD-RE, BD-R Dual Layer(BD-R DL), BD-RE Dual Layer(BD-RE DL), BD-R Low to High(LTH), BD-R Triple Layer (BD-R TL), BD-R Quad Layer (BD-R QL), BD-RE Triple Layer (BD-RE TL), DVD-RAM(Ver2), DVD+R, DVD+R-Double Layer(DVD+R DL), DVD+RW, DVD-R, DVD-R-Dual Layer(DVD-R DL), DVD-RW, CD-R
Timp de accesare BD: 230 ms, DVD: 180 ms, CD: 190 ms
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