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Camera SVEN IC-310 with microphone

214,50 MDL

Have you ever wondered why web cameras are paid special attention to in terms of their appearance; why there are so many variations of case shapes, materials and decorations? Perhaps it’s because a webcam is somewhat associated with a person you are talking to. When you communicate via the Internet, it becomes a constant witness of your joys and sorrows. Carefully recording your emotions and moods, it passes them on to your vis-à-vis. This is why we tend to choose the models it’s pleasant to be next to, and have a heart-to-heart talk.

SVEN IC-310 refers to the entry class. They are equipped with a built-in microphone and manual focus adjustment. The design includes a convenient clip for table or monitor mounting and a hinge enabling its rotation at any angle. Such devices are an excellent solution for those who value functionality and affordable price. The webcams are classically designed. The colors prevailing in the lineup are black and silvery. The devices have USB interface and support the Plug&Play technology.

Producator Sven
Garanţiе 12 luni
Tip sensor CMOS
Rezolutie video 640X480
Microfon inclus Da
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