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Chat set webcam+headset SVEN ICH-3500

253,50 MDL

Did you ever look intently into how people talk on the phone? According to their activity, you can say a great deal, with whom a man communicates in this minute. If a conversation is rather emotional or concerns a poorly explored theme, then the gesticulation is “switched on” automatically, an attempt is made to explain his thought in the proper sense of the word in hand-waving terms. Unfortunately, it does not always lead to a desired result, because no matter how hard you try to gesticulate, it is difficult to explain some questions by phone. All these complications of the mutual understanding are eliminated, if you keep a webcam and headset handy. It takes you only to ask an interlocutor about the “meeting” in the voice messenger. In this case, vis-à-vis can see each other and for explanation of their ideas to draft, draw, write on a paper, swing their arms etc. for persuasiveness.

SVEN Company presented a set of devices for virtual communication: SVEN ICH-3500 webcam with headset. The headset is commutated with the help of two mini-jack connectors: for the headset and microphone accordingly. They have different colors and coincide in color with PC inputs. Adjustable headband and flexible microphone holder allow to adapt the device for any user and to free both hands for efficient operation on the computer. The webcam is set automatically after its connection to a USB port, because it supports the Plug&Play format. It can be placed on the table surface or be “hung” on a monitor with the help of a movable hinge and clip.

Producator Sven
Garanţiе 12 luni
Tip sensor CMOS
Rezolutie video 640 × 480 pixels
Microfon inclus Da
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