Main activities

AV-Macrocom ltd started its activity in Moldova in 1998.
Nowadays AV-Macrocom is a well-known Moldavian computer company, which is operating in the computer technology business.
The main directions of company’s activity are:
   - System integration;
   - IT products, local brand PCs retail;
   - Complete office solutions, design and implementation of computer networks;
   - Technical assistance and computer related services.

Distribution and IT equipment sales

AV-Macrocom ltd presents on Moldavian market the following companies:
   - AP Computers, Holland with status "Official AP Distributor";
   - OKI Ltd with status "OKI Dealer ",
   - Flamingo Computers with status "Dealer Autorizat",
   - Gateway with status "Authorized reseller",
   - CTX with status "Authorized reseller",
   - Cisco Systems with status "Cisco Reseller";
   - Ericsson with status "Ericsson Dealer";
   - Siemens with status "Siemens Dealer"

This allows us to offer a complete range of high-end IT products to the customers of AV-Macrocom ltd:
   - Personal computers Advanced Power and Flamingo, adjusted to the customer requirements;
   - Telecommunications equipment SIEMENS and ERICSSON.
   - The equipment proposed has a certificate ISO 9000 or 9001.
   - Computer components and peripheral devices: 3COM, AMD, APC, ATI, Boeder, Canon, COMPAQ, Creative, CTX, Epson, Genius, Hewlett Packard, Logitech, Maxell, Metrologic, Microsoft, Pinnacle, Quantum, SMC, SONY, Soyo, TEAC, Toshiba, Tripplite, US Robotics, Yamaha etc.

Computer Center “AltaVista”

From the very beginning company worked on implementation of new sales methods and services for the Moldavian IT market.
As a result was opening of the first retail outlet - Computer Center “AltaVista”, which generates a strong awareness for company products and all its brands, well exposed on the shelves it bring a constant feedback from the real market in terms of what the customers need.
Customers have the possibility to meet the very new products “AltaVista”’s showroom, where are demonstrated the possibilities and are tested the performances of new hardware and software.


Projects and participation in national bids

AV-Macrocom ltd has been participated and actually implemented a few projects of national importance for Moldova.
For us the implementation of any project of any complexity level comprises the detailed analysis of customer's needs, forming the concept of a possible solution, developing the technical project, supply of the equipment and the implementation process, including the personnel training.
The qualified specialists will solve the problems of forming competitive prices for successfully taking part in any project. They will regulate the special terms for supplying under the project. They will control the supply process starting with the departure of the goods from the factory and ending with their arrival to the customer's warehouse. The project managers are in permanent contact with the clients and can solve any problems, which might appear during the project implementation process.
Together with its partner - ISP “MoldInfoNet” was created the first e-shop in Moldova – AltaVista e-shop. Internet users are able to make their choice and order the products in the on-line mode. That is a new and perspective direction.
Due to the promotion campaigns organized by AV-Macrocom ltd and ISP “MoldInfoNet”, our customers are benefiting also from a reliable Internet service at an affordable price. Design of the web sites, web-hosting is an important and demanded service offered to our customers.

Service center “AltaVista”

The company pays significant attention to warranty and post-warranty service issues for the supplied equipment. The service center ensures the qualitative work of all the company structures.
The Service department is a service center authorized by companies manufacturing computer equipment, offering a wide services spectrum regarding technical support of the supplied and already owned by the customer computer equipment.
This allows us to offer such services as:
   - Warranty and post-warranty technical maintenance;
   - On-site technical assistance and support;
   - Networks install.
All the products offered by AV-Macrocom ltd come with warranty terms, which depend on the equipment type and manufacturer

Warrantee Statement

All equipment shall be new and of best quality.
The mechanical and electrical solution presented in this tender shall be new and of the highest quality standards with respect to the material and performance.
The supplier is responsible for any defects in manufacture and/or in materials for computer equipment and for peripheral equipment after delivery and commissioning of the equipment.
The supplied equipment meets the requirements to performance, capacity, efficiency, starting current and noise level.
AV-Macrocom ltd constantly keeps on its stock all the spare parts needed for immediate replacement/repair.
AV-Macrocom ltd constantly keeps on stock reserve equipment with the same or similar configuration to the delivered one in order to provide an immediate response time.
The hardware warranty: AV-Macrocom ltd warrants that the hardware will execute in accordance with the technical specification when properly installed and configured.
AV-Macrocom ltd will take the responsibility to warrant all goods offered by this bid on behalf of the bespoke goods respective manufacturers.
AV-Macrocom ltd takes the responsibility of providing the Purchaser with a hot line: local (Moldavian) telephone number, which gets answered on all workdays from 9:00 to 19:00 Moldova time.
AV-Macrocom ltd warrants that the Goods supplied under the Contract are new, unused, of the most recent or current models, and that they incorporate all recent improvements in design and materials unless provided otherwise in the Contract.

Company personnel

Company staff on sales, technical, after sales and logistics has a long-term experience in the computer field.
Managers and technical specialists are constantly improving and sustaining their high professional level.
General Manager of the company has attended several training courses held by vendors of IT equipment.
General Manager and chief-accountant have attended “Management and marketing for the small business owners” course, which was held by Ministry of Economy and Reforms of Moldova.

Our customers

In our customer list are over 500 companies, educational institutions and home PC users.
We proud that our customer list contains such organizations and companies as:

Government of Moldova National Bank of Moldova
Moldavian Chamber of Commerce and Industry National Commission for Real estate
LUMTEH s.a. National Agency of Regulating in Informatics and Telecommunications
National Agency of Technical Assurance National Agency of Tourism
State Archive “MOLDCARTON” s.a.
National ZOO Concern “PRESA”
Academy of Economic Studies from Moldova Academy of Police „Stefan cel Mare” from Moldova
Sate University from Moldova Technical University from Moldova
College of Informatics Freedom University from Moldova
UNDP in Moldova World Bank in Moldova
Ericsson FinComBank
Poland Embassy in Moldova USA Embassy in Moldova
Ukraine  Embassy in Moldova Holland Consulate in Moldova
USAID projects Mabanaft. Moldova
Tirex Petrol Compudava
Moldcargo s.a. Moldexpo
Moldavian airlines ASITO
Moldinfonet Coca Cola Bottlers Chişinău
Termosistem srl Politrans s.a.
ExpeditEuroTrans s.a. Poteca JV
Oilprom JV Vizcontabil srl
  And many others...