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Mouse SVEN RX-165, Black, Optical 800dpi, USB

117,00 MDL

Wire or wireless, symmetric or for right-handed persons, small and compact or full-size, noiseless, flat, black, white or many-colored, mat or gloss... Come to think of it, how many embodiments a computer mouse can have. It is no wonder. Somebody needs the classic (three control buttons, resolution 800 dpi), but somebody needs a multifunction manipulator with the high resolution level. It all depends on a user’s purposes. SVEN Company presented computer mouse SVEN RX-165. High-precision optical technology enables to operate the SVEN RX-165 optical mouse practically on any surface, including plastic and wood. Special features are 2 + 1 buttons, scroll wheel, ergonomic design convenient with laptops. This model is designed for those people, who need a «workhorse» in the office. The low cost of the device, quality performance and availability to handle with any tasks are excellent characteristics for a debutant.

Producator Sven
Garanţiе 12 luni
Interfata USB
Tehnologie Cu fir
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