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Mouse Wireless SVEN RX-340, 2.4GHz, Laser 1000-1600dpi, black, USB

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Mouse Wireless SVEN RX-340, 2.4GHz, Laser 1000-1600dpi, black, USB.

If you ever dissected anything personally , packed in blister , then you certainly none had to look for a suitable plastic shears and clawing hands on fresh cuts. Many would agree that this procedure is somewhat clouded joy of buying long-awaited gizmos . When these manipulations make women's hands , becomes doubly insulting. First, remove the hardware itself from the pack is more like an exercise in physical training with expanders , secondly , fresh manicure acquires characteristic scratches that spoil his whole appearance. Having to leave the mouse - and go for a new manicure.

The company introduced the computer mouse SVEN SVEN RX- 340 Wireless, packed in blister with a comfortable way of opening . The beauty of this solution consists in the fact that the part has a perforation backdrop . There's also a hole by hooking and pulling that can remove the plastic and get the device without any extra effort.

Upper casing manipulator finished gloss , which is insensitive to scratches. In this case, the fair sex who are familiar with the technology so popular today lacquer manicure Shellac, can find thematic intersection and thus ensure sustainability of the materials used to scratching and chipping . Compact size and type of wireless devices are designed primarily to work in conjunction with a laptop . However, this mouse will look dignified and close with a computer display on the desktop in the office of the modern business woman . Symmetric design is suitable for both right-and left-handers. Ergonomics body , moreover, provides a convenient position of the wrist and fingers throughout the work .

Wireless technology significantly enhances the potential for controlling the computer in the literal and figurative sense. The user does not clutter your workspace additional wires , as well as , if necessary , can be operated remotely from the monitor ( up to several meters ) .

SVEN RX- 340 is equipped with a Wireless switch button optical resolution 1000/1600 dpi, which allows the user to choose the optimal mode for the mouse.

Producator Sven
Garanţiе 12 luni
Interfata USB
Tehnologie Fara fir
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